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Fracture Zone 2015 is Jim Johnson’s absorbing, well-documented analysis of current economic events, political failures and potent forces threatening the US and the world. Johnson draws succinct urgent conclusions using colorful storytelling ranging across the entire history of America’s rise.

An intensifying Fracture Zone destroys American national power. US dominance as the sole global super-power is ending. The myth of “democracy” spreading to the Mideast through Arab Spring, is actually war and fundamentalism engulfing the region surrounding Israel in the wake of diminishing US leadership.

Runaway government is choking the formerly vibrant American economy , the engine of our success. America’s once powerful multilateral alliances are failing: Europe is in decline, Japan impotent and the BRICs slowing. We mask the near collapse of global banking in 2008 with unlimited central bank expansion, but this is no recovery. New bubbles don’t solve old problems and withdrawal from addictive policies yields fateful consequences. ZIRP, ‘flight to quality,’ endless QE and competing currency devaluations are tactical facets of monetary war and a prelude to wider conflict

Many American leaders agree with the seriousness of our problems, but Fracture Zone 2015 uniquely weaves interconnected domestic policies to foreign affairs. This prescient book applies a new lens to the long view of history and with essential insights impressively argues the very preservation of America’s heritage hangs in the balance. Often shocking, it is a fascinating eye-opening reckoning of a diminishing America.

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